Initiatives and Research

Searching for the unknown; adventures full of discovery; testing the received wisdom.

At Serendipity29 we want to experiment, innovate and transform.

We are current engaged in several initiatives to further our own and – hopefully – the industry’s knowledge:

  • The Anatomy of Occupancy Analytics is an online resources being jointly developed with Cambridge Architectural Research to provide a definitive and rigorous treatment of office occupancy.
  • With our sister company, Data Clan, we are conducting some exciting Workplace Metrics research.
  • We have also shared our copyrighted Digital Transformation Route Finder with Data Clan to collaborate to produce an innovative approach to Data Management Maturity Assessment. Watch Data Clan’s Clan Cast to get the latest news on this exciting development.
  • work+meet+play is a co-working space in rural North Yorkshire where the focus is on community.