Serendipity29 has joined forces with thecitysecret Academy to encourage local businesses to work, collaborate and socialize in a unique, co-working office community in the centre of Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Although shared workspaces are becoming increasingly popular in city regions, this is a first for Richmond. It is also a different kind of co-working, focusing on growing a community rather than simply selling desks.

Building on the aspirations of Sophie Hazell and Chris Lees, this project is about enabling Richmond’s pool of highly talented entrepreneurs and small businesses to participate in a community that is beyond the workplace.

Drawing from the original principles of co-working and leveraging Serendipity29’s world leading analytics, work+meet+play is a curated community designed to foster trust-based relationships with diverse professionals in the surrounding areas.

By creating a culture and expectation of interaction, the opportunity to build non-work centred relationships, and a vibrant base, work+meet+play is a community where innovation, creativity and fun are the focus. Rather than making this a daily routine, the space in the beautiful Zetland Square building is only open on Fridays, providing a focus each week for people to come together.

If you want to find out more about this project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and if you would like to join us in this community, please register at and we will create your account and you can reserve your space!