Workplace technology

People have high expectations of workplace technology. Their retail and domestic experience that offers them choice, personalization and immediacy in the palm of their hand – and all at little or no cost – sets the standard for the workplace.

In addition, workplaces themselves are becoming more sophisticated. Technology vendors continue to innovate their workplace management products. Intelligent and smart buildings offer more and more data that can be leveraged for optimization.

But what do we optimize?

A workplace technology strategy that blends these together and recognizes the sometimes complex interdependencies between them can seem a tall order. When such a strategy is established, execution of it can still present significant challenges – developing an approach to accommodate legacy systems, rolling lease breaks, mergers & acquisitions and the other realities of a real estate portfolio introduces its own complications.

I have broad experience across all aspects of intelligent buildings, and deep experience in the systems that form the interface between the place and the people, including:

  • Meeting room and workstation reservation
  • Physical access control (security)
  • Indoor navigation and way-finding (to places and people)
  • Conference center operations
  • Workplace mobile applications
  • Digital signage and communications
  • Meeting space A/V management and monitoring
  • Customer satisfaction and surveys