Demand-based portfolio planning

The starting point for understanding the needs of the portfolio should be the workplace needs of the people.

This may sound obvious, but all too commonly the inputs to the portfolio planning process are not rigorously challenged – whether that is headcount forecasts, location requirements, or numbers of desks and meeting rooms.

I can help you put in place a planning approach that uses occupancy analytics to provide a true picture of what your people really need to get their jobs done, and understand exactly where surpluses or shortfalls are (or are likely to be).

By a combination of rigorous analysis of current and historical behaviors, and the ability to create scenario models and simulations of consolidations or changes, this approach can identify significant savings opportunities, whilst also providing a valuable narrative with which to engage leaders and decision makers.

So if you want to find out how to make even better decisions, and explain those decisions more clearly to your stakeholders, call me.